BBC Capital Infographics

I was commissioned to create several infographics to support BBC Capital articles on various topics.

Honeywell Smart Meters

Challenge We were commissioned to provide an overview of the smart meter landscape by the UK's leading heating controls company, Honeywell.

Facebook Christmas Animation

Challenge Facebook wanted to create an animation to advise brands on when to target consumers in the weeks approaching Christmas.

Save The Children: International Day of The Girl

Challenge For International Day of the Girl, Save The Children created an index which ranked countries according to levels of schooling, child marriage, teen pregnancy, maternal deaths and the percentage of female MPs.

CBRE data visualisation

Challenge CBRE, a leading commercial property and real estate services adviser, commissioned a set of data visualisations for an annual report on global retailers.

The Flavour Thesaurus

I wanted to explore a visual way of explaining the concepts in Niki Signit’s The Flavour Thesaurus as I loved the book but found the lack of visuals made it difficult to navigate.

The Carbon Metric

Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), a government-funded company helping Scotland reduce its carbon footprint, commissioned a series of infographics to raise awareness of their advice on saving energy and water while reducing waste.


I redefined the BBC's data visualisation style to allow graphics to stand out more effectively in article pages and have a more consistent visual presence across devices.

if the world were 100 people

There are now more than 7 billion people living on earth, but what would we look like if we were represented by 100 people? I designed an infographic based on research by "100 people: a world portrait" (http://www.

Surviving Childhood in Africa

Lovie and MJA award-winning feature for best use of interactive video.